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     The Manhattan, Kansas rental home locations are shown on the map below. Click on the dots to view more detailed information on each property or select the house in the table below.  
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     Our standard lease is for one year ending on May 31.

Typically we will know which houses are available in early April. Best time to check this site for availability is mid to late March.

Notice:   You must "Reload" or "Refresh" your browser in order to see the updated homes.  

4 Bedroom

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$1200/mo 816 Thurston St.

3 Bedroom

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$870/mo 910 N. Manhattan Ave (Apt B)

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$900/mo 910 N. Manhattan Ave (Apt A)

2 Bedroom

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$900/mo 2059 Tecumseh Rd 

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$900/mo 1843 Hunting Ave

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$900/mo 316 N. Delaware Ave

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1224 Bertrand (Apt A)

1 Bedroom

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$425/mo 1224 Bertrand (Apt B)